Permafrost sweater // EN

kr 70,00

Pattern language: English 

XS (S) M (L) XL 

99 (109) 118 (130) 138 cm

47 (50) 53 (56) 59 cm

Needle size:
Circular needle 7 mm

11 sts/ 10 cm 

Recommended yarn:
Drops Alpaca bouclé + Rauma Finull
or Rauma Pillpi + Rauma Lamull

Amount of yarn:
Alpaca bouclé: 400 (450) 500 (550) 550 g
Finull: 150 (200) 200 (250) 250 g
Pillpi: 500 (550) 600 (650) 700 g
Lamull: 100 (150) 150 (150) 200 g



Permafrost sweater is worked bottom up with double thread bouclé and one thread Norwegian wool. A warm and thick sweater with a wide and rather short fit. The sleeves reach straight down over the wrist and are rather wide before the folded cuffs, which then fit tightly over the arm. The neckline is higher and folded double. Although Permafrost sweater is particularly warm, it is fluffy and not too tight on the body.


«Witre Design. En strikkers år»
This instruction has first been published in my book «En strikkers år». Since the pattern was created exclusively for the book, text and sizes are locked as is. The book contains 30 instructions translated from Norwegian to English, Danish, German and Finnish. Read more here.


Size guide:
Choose a size that is approx. 20-25 cm wider (positive ease) than your chest circumference. Chest circumference is measured across the chest, right below the armhole opening.

The pictured model is worked in Rauma Pillpi SFN21 and Rauma Lamull L52. 

Yarn alternative:
It may be difficult to find Rauma Pillpi. Yarn alternatives that have been recommended to me by other knitters can be found below. I am unfortunately unable to give exact information on quantities. Nevertheless, I hope that the information will help.:

Isager Spinni, 1 thread mohair + Bouclé by Mohair by Canard, Drops Alpaca Bouclé + Finull, Drops Alpaca Bouclé + Drops Alpaca mix, Drops Alpaca Bouclé + Drops Baby alpaca silk, Drops Alpaca Bouclé + Rauma Lamull. 


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