Grüner Jacket // EN

kr 60,00



Pattern language: english.


Sizes: XS (S) M (L) XL

Approx. measurements: Circumference 97 (107) 117 (127) 137. Length 47 (50) 53 (56) 59 cm.

Yarn recommendation: Børstet Alpakka + Peer Gynt from Sandnes garn

Amount of yarn: Peer Gynt 300 (350) 350 (450) 500 g.

Børstet Alpakka 250 (300) 300 (400) 450 g.

Gauge: 12 sts = 10cm

Recommended needles: Circular needle 7 mm

Approx. length zipper: 25 (30) 30 (35) 35 cm


The Grüner jacket is a soft and warm jacket, knitted in double thread on thick needles. It has a short and wide fit, with deep pockets, a folded neck hem, V-neck and moreover, a zipper instead of buttons. The jacket is knitted bottom up, the sleeves are picked up around the armhole opening and knitted to your desired length.



The jacket is designed, so that you can easily adjust the jacket length to the chosen zipper +/- a couple of cm. It is not recommended to buy a zipper, which differs much from the approx. length given above. If it is too long/too short, the V-neck might look odd.


The pattern is available after payment. It comes as a PDF-file in the order confirmation via mail. You can also find it under “My Account” if you created a user. Remember to check your junk mail. Updates may occur; it is advisable to download and save the pattern.