Classy zipp skirt // EN

kr 60,00



Pattern language: english


Sizes: XS (S) M (L)

Approx. measurements: Widest circumference: 88 (100) 109 (117) cm.

Length: 80 cm, if preferred longer/shorter.

Yarn recommendation: Rauma Vams

Amount of yarn: 300 (350) 400 (450) g.

Gauge: 14 sts = 10cm

Recommended needles: Circular needle 5 and 6 mm

Approx. length zipper: 38 cm, if preferred longer/shorter.

Extra: Elastic – 3 cm wide.


The Classy zipp skirt has a long and figure-accentuating fit, which can be knitted with or without a zipper. The skirt is knit in Norwegian wool, which is perfectly warm and comfy for cold winter days.  For the correct fit at the waist/hip, you pull an elastic through the drawstring at the end. For the perfect fit at the back, you knit short rows. If you prefer a longer or shorter skirt, you can very easily adjust this instruction, as well as knitting the skirt to the perfect length, depending on the size of the zipper. The given amount of yarn is for the length of 80 cm.


Size guide:
Choose a size closest to your widest lower body part. The stated measurement is for the finished garment.


The pattern is available after payment. It comes as a PDF-file in the order confirmation via mail. You can also find it under “My Account” if you created a user. Remember to check your junk mail. Updates may occur; it is advisable to download and save the pattern.