Chunky bomber jacket // EN

kr 60,00



Pattern language: english


Sizes: XS (S) M (L) XL (XXL)

Approx. measurements: Circumference 96 (104) 113 (121) 130 (136) cm

Length 49 (52) 55 (58) 61 (64) cm

Yarn recommendation: Hip Wool from HipKnitShop

Amount of yarn: 550 (650) 750 (850) 950 (1050) g

Gauge: 7 sts in brioche stitch with double thread on needle 10 mm = 10 cm

16 sts in stockinette stitch with single thread on needle 5 mm = 10cm

Recommended needles: Circular needle 10 mm and 5 mm

Extra: approx. 4 buttons


Chunky bomber jacket is a thick and short jacket worked in brioche stitch, with front bands worked with single thread on thinner needles. This combination of needle size and technique with the rather rustic brioche stitch and the delicate stockinette stitch creates a wonderful effect. Chunky bomber jacket is worked back and forth in brioche stitch with double thread. Brioche stitch is stretchy and moves nicely when worn. The front bands in stockinette stitch create a perfectly fitted frame and give the jacket a neat finish.


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