About Witre



so nice to see you here!

Witre Design has been designing knitting patterns since 2018. Behind Witre Design you will find me - Ida Wirak Trettevik. 

The desire with Witre has always been to create a modern expression for knitted garments and design, and to create knitting patterns that inspire you to create your own wardrobe - garment by garment.

I find that knitting and needlework have become important to me, and to many more, in a time of increased focus on slow fashion, quality and sustainability. But perhaps especially the thing about having a hobby that gives you a sense of calm and mastery - where you can decide the pace yourself and influence the final result.

I hope you will join in trying, regardless of whether you are a beginner or an established knitter. Knitting is both a process and a finished garment, where you create at your own pace and for yourself. It is somewhat imperfect, it becomes something completely unique and personal. 

If you are curious about what I have done up until now, you can see an overview of various releases here .

 Tutorials on techniques used in patterns can be found on YouTube

Happy knitting!

<3 Ida