Yarn options

Yarn options

for patterns from Witre Design:



The fibers in the different types of yarn have their own qualities. Even if the running length is the same and you will most likely get a nice result by switching, norsk wool and merino wool, for example, will not behave in the same way in use. Garments for different uses will need different fibers for the best results. The list below is intended as inspiration to use yarn you have or can get hold of. There will also be many other options you can use that are not listed here. Always make a test swatch before you start, both to check the knitting tension and to see if the look is what you want. Ask in your nearest yarn shop or see the website www.yarnsub.com for other yarn options that are suitable for you.









Suggested yarn for Olden top light, Olden top, Fresco top, Nordic summer top, Retro button top, PetNat top and all other tops and dresses knitted in cotton yarn.


Rauma Petunia

We are knitters The Pima Cotton

Rauma Pelini

Sandnes Line

Belle drop

Drops nutmeg









Yarn suggestions that may fit for example Gambit hoodie, Gambit mittens, Gambit balaclava, Dave's sweater, Charles sweater, Dave's balaclava, Chunky slipover, Chunky vest, Chunky patent jacket, Chunky patent sweater


Hip Wool

Rauma Vams

Sandnes Fritidsgarn
Drops Nepal
Drops Alaska

(Rauma Puno. Note different race length)


Yarn suggestions that may fit for example Flashback hoodie, Miles jacket, Miller jacket, Youngs beanie, Down south beanie /Sørlandslua, Milla balaclava, Annie beanie


Rauma Mitu
Filcolana Peruvian
Dale Lanolin Wool
Sandnes Alpaca wool

Sandnes Smart

Sandnes Peer Gynt
Drops Lima
Drops Karisma

Drops Puna
Knitting fever Re-Merino (merino wool)




Suggested yarns for Woody sweater, for example


Hillesvåg Blåne
Hillesvåg Troll
Rauma Vams (is slightly thinner, so gives a more airy look)




Yarn suggestions that may fit for example Witre tote, Montmartre sweater, Amélie sweater, Collett sweater, Collett jacket


Rauma Finull

Sandnes Tove

Filcolana Pernilla

Rauma Tumi

Drops North

Drops Flora




Yarn suggestions that may fit for example Bayou beanie, Bikers balaclava, Verner vest, Vera top


Rauma Lamull
Sandnes Sunday
Untold Light merino
Filcolana Arwetta
Kaos yarn Organic soft merino











Yarn suggestions that can be used for example 


Rauma Plum
Sandnes Silk mohair
+ other mohair yarn of the same length




GYarn suggestions that can fit e.g. Snug turtleneck/Lun turtleneck, Billie sweater,


HipKnitShop Hip Mohair
Sandnes Tynn silk mohair
Untold Pure silk mohair
Filcolana Tilia
Permin Angel
Knitting for Olive Soft silk mohair
Cewec Multi silk mohair
Woolevo Kid mohair
Merinor Kid sil
+ other mohair yarn with the same length



100m/50g // 200m/100g

Yarn suggestions that may fit for example The Ida sweater, Youngs beanie, Down south beanie /Sørlandslua, Milla balaclava, Annie beanie


Pickles Big Fuzz

Knitting fever Fluffy mohair

Knitting fever Fat mohair

HipKnitShop Fluff

Dale Soft Peacock

Rauma Tjukk Mohair

Un-told Chunky mohair

Unique yarn Thick mohair

Cowgirl blues Fluffy mohair

Sysleriget Fat mohair

Yarn bar Tjukk mohair

Painters yarn Chunky mohair

Loopy Mango Mohair so soft

Handdyed The hairy one 










Yarn suggestions that may fit for example Pacman balaclava, Collett tee, Youngs beanie, Down south beanie /Sørlandslua, Milla balaclava, Annie beanie


HipKnitShop Pop Merino

Drops Merino extra fine

Sandnes Merino wool

Sandnes Double Sunday (merino+cotton)

Dale Merino 22

Knitting fever Re-Merino (slightly thicker with 100m/50g)











Yarn suggestions that can be used for Collett tee, for example


Sandnes Double Sunday

Dale Lark

Sandnes Duo

Rauma Pelana 










Yarn suggestions that may fit for example Dave's sweater, Berry sweater, Berry neck, Berry slipover, Charles sweater


Rauma Puno

Camarose Snefnug
Long Cloud
Long Snowflake
Long Luna
(Rauma Vams, note different run length)




Yarn suggestions that can be used for e.g. Vera top, Verner vest, Grüner mittens / mittens


Rauma Alpaca silk
Camarose Midnattsol
Kaos yarn Organic brushed alpaca
Drops Kid-Silk








- yarn alternatives to yarns that have been discontinued by the supplier


Rauma Iris: 

74% Alpaca suri, 22% wool and 4% nylon. 130m/50g

Replace with e.g: Sandnes Brushed alpaca, Rauma Alpaca linen, Lana Grossa Berlin Brushy, Drops Melody


If you are knitting a hat where Rauma Iris is listed as a yarn option, you can use the yarn types listed under MOHAIR 100m/50g. 


Rauma Pelana:

50% cotton, 50% merino wool. 110m/50g

Can be replaced with e.g: Sandnes Duo, Dale Lerke, Sandnes Double Sunday