On this page you will find some of the most frequently asked questions I get via email/message, so maybe you will find an answer to yours?


Where can I buy patterns to Witre Design?

All knitting patterns can be found in the main menu here at www.witredesign.no.
In addition is patterns and available in Knitapp and on Ravelry .


How to send patterns ?

Once you have ordered one pattern at Witre Design, you will be sent an order confirmation by email after completing the purchase. pattern is sent digitally in the email, it is therefore important that the email address is entered correctly when ordering. To the right of the order confirmation, you will find a link that says "pattern here:" or " norsk pattern :». If you press there you will find pattern your. 


I have not received an order confirmation by email. What am I doing?

The order confirmation is sent out automatically once the purchase has been completed. Always check your junk filter if you haven't got one. It is often located here. If more than 10 minutes have passed and you still haven't received an email, there was most likely a typing error in the order. Send an email to post@witredesign.no and ask for it, then it will be sent pattern out again. 


Is patterns translated into other languages?

Everyone patterns is originally made on norsk , and then translated into English , German , Danish and Swedish .
A select few patterns is and translated into Spanish , French , Italian , Finnish , Chinese and Dutch . 


What books and publications has Witre Design produced and what languages have they been translated into?

As of 2023 I have published two books: "A knitter's year" in 2020 and "Knit with Witre Design" in 2022. In addition to a booklet published by Rauma yarn, and books made together with others. "Knit with Witre Design" and "A Knitter's Year" have been translated into several languages. You can see a complete list of publications here.


I would like help finding alternative yarn for one pattern . Where do I find it?

I have made a list of alternatives to the most commonly used yarn types. See here . 


I see that an updated version of one of my purchases has arrived pattern , how do I get it?

For various reasons, there may be a need to update one pattern , with e.g. images, correct errors and/or add more sizes. Overview of updated patterns can be found here . Have you bought pattern here on the website, you have received an order confirmation by email upon purchase. If you click on the link in this email, you will automatically download the latest update.

All previous purchases can be found under " my account ". Even if you create an account later, everyone will patterns you have purchased with the e-mail address you create an account with, stay there when you create an account. 


What payment solutions does Witre Design offer?

On the website you can pay by credit card, Paypal and Vipps . 


Is it possible to get help for one pattern ?

Yes. Most patterns contains names of help videos you can find on Witre Design's own YouTube channel. If you can't find what you're looking for, there are plenty of good videos on most knitting techniques on other channels on YouTube. It can and is recommended to ask your local yarn shop or someone you know. It is easier to learn new things by seeing it done, or talking to someone face to face. 

Do you have a specific question for one pattern you can contact post@witredesign.no. Mail is only answered by Ida behind Witre Design, and the response time can therefore be long. I try to answer all emails as soon as I can, but it can take up to 5 working days before you hear anything. Longer response times may occur. 


I have found an error, what do I do?

Everyone patterns published at Witre Design is both test knitted and proofread thoroughly before publication. Errors can of course still occur. Remember: There is a difference between a mistake and that one pattern is written a little differently than how you like it best. All designers and yarn producers write patterns with their own language. There are often variations on how patterns written from country to country. You will get to know my language better and better as you knit.

Do you think you have found an error that needs correction. Write to post@witredesign.no and inform, so it can be corrected. Remember to write in a pleasant way. Witre Design is not a workplace with several employees - it's just me, and I'd like to hear from you and help you.